Why Are You Sick?

Are you sick? Have you received a diagnosis from your physician about a chronic or non-chronic disease? Have you ever asked this question – why do I have this disease?

Well to answer your question, I’ll also ask a few questions. Are you fighting or fueling diseases? Are you preventing or promoting diseases? Are you facilitating natural healing or instigating the natural decadence of your body? Which one are you doing?

If you don’t have anwers to these important questions, continue reading to find out. It is important for you to know that your actions and inactions affect the functioning of your body. Your lifestyle is directly related to your health status.

Diseases might come because you don’t
understand your body and treat it appropriately. Chronic health challenges arise and persist most times because the concept of natural care is neglected. This negligence might be the reason you ignore or procrastinate detoxification, resulting to consistent accumulation of disease-causing toxins year after year.

The refusal to return back to nature from where you originate and the violation of natural laws of health, generates diseases. When you unconsciously weaken the body’s natural defenses with continuous bombardment of inorganic processed foods, you are self-inflicting ailments. This promotes oxidative stress which is the root cause of many chronic diseases.

Stop promoting and feeding diseases with negative, health detrimental lifestyle. Begin to prevent diseases by eating healthy unprocessed foods, drinking lots of water and by exercising regularly. Return to nature and detoxify regularly to stay healthy.

Glory C. Livingstone

I love to research and write about all I learn. As a kid, my Dad's Encyclopedia, Guinness Book of Records and World Map were my best companion. I would hide behind the couch, research about the world, things, people and places, then share my latest info with siblings and friends. For more than a decade now I've worked as a freelance non-fiction writer providing web content for numerous websites - that's what I do for fun. Then I've got my day job as a computer programmer - writing codes to make systems work perfectly. If I'm not researching, writing non-fiction or computer codes, I'll be praying, preaching, gardening or chilling out with my family.

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