Positive Quote – Don’t Be Moved, Be Strong!

Don’t Be Moved, Be Strong! For This Too Shall Pass.

Change happens, whether you are prepared for it or not. Change is inevitable. Things, people and circumstances evolve with or without your permission. The earth’s evolution is a typical example.

I’ve got good news for you. Dive in, catch the wave of change and ride on it to manifest your expectation. This means that you should ride on every event that occurs in your life to produce something positive and pleasant out of it.

So, don’t let anything or anyone trouble your heart. Stay positive and remain focused on your goals no matter what. Enjoy!!!

Glory C. Livingstone

I love to research and write about all I learn. As a kid, my Dad's Encyclopedia, Guinness Book of Records and World Map were my best companion. I would hide behind the couch, research about the world, things, people and places, then share my latest info with siblings and friends. For more than a decade now I've worked as a freelance non-fiction writer providing web content for numerous websites - that's what I do for fun. Then I've got my day job as a computer programmer - writing codes to make systems work perfectly. If I'm not researching, writing non-fiction or computer codes, I'll be praying, preaching, gardening or chilling out with my family.

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