Eating Black Seed Oil Regulates Blood Sugar Levels

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As one advances in age, the probability of contracting major ailments like high blood sugar levels (diabetes) increases. Obviously the body organs wear out especially if not carefully maintained over the years. Eating a healthy diet and maintaining an active lifestyle is key to remaining healthy always.

Blood sugar levels are hiked because of two major reasons. Firstly, some people’s immune system fight against and destroy insulin producing pancreatic beta cells. This drastically reduces the number of insulin available to move sugar out of the blood to cells, liver and muscles.

Secondly, blood sugar level becomes high due to insulin resistance. In this case, the cells, liver and muscles in the body are no longer sensitive to insulin, causing an abnormal accumulation of sugar in the blood. Since, these powerful workers are resisted, there will be no transfer/movement of insulin from the blood, causing a hike in levels.

This is where black seed oil comes in to save the day. Eating black seed oil regulates blood sugar levels. When insulin gets to work as expected or when it becomes available, sugar levels improve. Below is a review of black seed oil and its potency towards regulating blood glucose levels.

What Exactly is Black Seed Oil?

Black seed oil is a healing oil derived from black seeds. It originates from Asia with a native name called Nigella Sativa. Some people refer to it as the “tree of life” because of the all-healing herbal components found in the seed.

The essential healing oil produced from the black seed is richly endowed with thymoquinone, thymohydroquinone, alkaloids and fixed oils. These compounds are able to bring remedy to many ailments, both terminal and non-terminal.

Adding black seed oil to every meal would thoroughly cleanse the blood while reducing blood sugar levels. With extended use, it can completely eliminate diabetes.

3 Ways Black Seed Oil Regulates Blood Sugar Levels

1. Black Seed Oil Stops the Destruction of Beta Cells

Consistent consumption of black seed oil as a meal component prevents the immune system from destroying beta cells. This is a natural way to get rid of type 1 diabetes, because it strengthens the insulin producing beta cells in the pancreas. It also stops the anti-activities of the immune system against these beta cells.

Eating black seed oil will help those suffering from type 1 diabetes to naturally produce more insulin. Aiding the transportation of sugar from the blood to needed cells and organs. When this occurs blood sugar levels are regulated.

2. Black Seed Oil Stops Insulin Resistance

Consistent consumption of black seed oil as a meal component stops insulin resistance. This addresses the case of type 2 diabetes where body cells are no longer sensitive to insulin. The danger of this type of diabetes as mentioned above, is that these cells no longer recognize insulin. So, insulin cannot perform its function of transporting sugar to it (body cells) – therefore raising sugar levels.

Thymoquinone, a vital component found in black seed oil combats this problem. It makes body cells very sensitive to insulin, this means that they are able to recognize, receive and connect to insulin. The outcome of regained sensitivity is that sugar transportation to cells is enabled thereby regulating blood sugar levels.

3. Black Seed Oil Limits Amount of Sugar Ingested

Carbohydrates eaten from meals are broken down into sugar which the intestine ingests into the blood. The more sugar a diabetic ingests, the more sugar levels increase in the blood.

Consistent consumption of black seed oil with meals help the intestine to limit the amount of sugar ingested. This really helps to keep blood sugar levels normal.

Final Advice

Be sure not to overdose the consumption of black seed oil as this can lead to liver damage. This is an obvious fact that relates to the overdose of any medication. Remember to consult your doctor before starting any new medication, especially if you have been placed on other medications prior to this.

Don’t forget to eat healthy and maintain an active lifestyle. Eat low-carbs diet, drink lots of water to stay hydrated always and exercise a lot too. Doing these in combination with black seed oil will greatly regulate blood sugar levels.

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