Best Foods to Eat On a Keto Diet.

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Fat stored up in the body is easily expended when a person eats a ketogenic (keto) diet. This type of lifestyle provides an effective way to lose weight, especially to get rid of those stubborn fat that sticks like glue. There is also a bonus of being cured of ailments like high blood sugar level, high cholesterol level, fatty liver and other conditions.

Do You Know What Ketogenesis Means?

In case you don’t know, ketogenesis is the process within the body that produces ketones. This occurs when amino acids and fats are broken down during metabolism. It propels the body to enter into ketosis, where it has no other option but to use up fat for energy in the absence of sugar.

Ketogenesis can only occur when the body is deprived of the much needed sugar. Glucose is the form of sugar the body uses to supply energy. But when this is lacking, it will begin to burn fat for energy and this is known as ketosis.

Eating a Keto Diet – What Does It Really Mean?

You must have heard a lot about Keto Diet and still not know what it really means. Here is a simple explanation of what a keto diet is. This is a meal that contains high fat up to 75 percent of the total calories, very low carbs lower than 10 percent calories and a moderate amount of protein which should not exceed 20 percent of total calories.

The objective of a keto diet is to force the body to start burning fat for energy – that is enter into ketosis. Another name for this eating plan is a low-carbs diet, meaning that you intentional reduce carbohydrate intake. With less carbs comes less sugar or glucose for the body to use for energy, instigating the utilization of fat for energy. Rapid weight loss is the end point of this process.

Best Keto Foods

It is sometimes a daunting task to know the right food to eat while on a keto diet. This list of best keto foods will simplify the process for you. Choosing right foods to eat is imperative if you have opted for the keto lifestyle. Since this will determine the amount of energy available for the accomplishment of daily tasks. See the list of best keto foods below:

1. Avocado

The key to determining which food is best for keto and which is not, is in checking the carbs level in each food. Avocado excellently passes this test as it contains a sum of 2 grams of carbohydrate. This great fruit is also rich in good fat that will promote good cholesterol and reduce bad cholesterol.

Potassium is another component found in the avocado that makes it very efficient in regulating blood pressure levels. Fill your keto diet with more of this food, experimenting different ways to serve it.

2. Eggs

Egg is another superfood to eat while on a ketogenic diet. The moderate protein, low-carb and good amount of fat contained in eggs makes eating them very essential for all those living a keto lifestyle.

Be sure to eat every part of the egg whenever it is added to meal so as to get all the rich nutrients it contains.

3. Meat and Poultry

Fill your keto meals with lots of meat and poultry because they do not have carbs at all. You will also benefit from the rich supply of anti-oxidants and omega 3 fatty acids found in meats and poultry. There are also selenium, vitamins, potassium and other essential micro nutrients that keeps the body super healthy while combating ailments as well.

You should ensure that only meat and poultry from fresh sources are consumed though. Since there are lots of chemicals used for preservation in the ones pre-packaged for sale.

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