Are You Tired of Fake Eyelashes? See How to Grow Natural Long Eyelashes.

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No matter how pretty you look with fake eyelashes, there’s always this realization within that they don’t belong to you whenever someone admires them. Another sad fact about using extensions is that it depresses your eyelashes after removal. Everyone would notice that something is missing.

It is better to nurture and grow what has been endowed by nature. Yes, it is possible to grow natural long eyelashes faster than expected. Succeeding in this depends on your level of knowledge about the eyelash growth process and how to boost it.

Lifecycle of An Eyelash.

An eyelash goes through three phases in its lifespan. Understanding these lifecycle phases will help you to promote its health, strength and growth. The first phase is the Anagen, otherwise known as the growing phase. This is the period eyelashes grow to the longest length they can be. It takes a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of 45 days for this growth phase to end.

Catagen phase occurs when eyelashes are transiting to the final phase. They are dormant within this second phase that last for a period of 14 – 21 days. Finally, it enters into the Telogen phase also known as the resting period. In this stage, eyelashes rest for as long as 100 days and then fall off for new ones to grow.

Ways To Promote Growth Of Natural Long Eyelashes.

Now you know about the growth phase (anagen) of eyelashes.  You are aware of the fact that it takes a maximum of 45 days to grow. So, there’s a need to support this growing phase in order to have the longest hair possible.  Below are easy ways to achieve this:

1. Terez & Honor Eyelash Growth Enhancer and Brow Serum.

You will not need to use eyelash extensions anymore with Terez & Honor growth serum. Well, this is what most users of the product say. It causes faster eyelash growth while increasing its strength and thickness.

It is made from all-natural products hence suitable, safe and gentle for use by all. You have to apply it thinly at the root of your eyelash, in the same way you apply the eyeliner. This should be done only once at bedtime and see your eyelashes grow very fast.

2. Vichy LiftActiv Serum For Eyelid And Eyelash.

The complete safety of Vichy LiftActiv Serum is what makes it stand out amongst other conditioning serum. You are free to apply on your lashes and around the eye without the fear of any damage.

Apart from conditioning the eye and lashes (because it contains hyaluronic acid), it is a great anti-aging product that prevents and eliminates wrinkles from eyelids and around the eyes.

3. Latisse (Prescription-Based).

This is an eyelash conditioning serum that contains bimatoprost, an active component that can stimulate increased hair growth of both new and old eyelashes. The hair growth stimulating feature in bimatoprost was first discovered in an eye drop medication for those treating glaucoma.

Latisse was produced as a result of this discovery, and it is the first conditioning serum approved by FDA for eyelashes. However, you will need to get a prescription before purchasing it.

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