10 Reliable Facts About Dogs

Dogs have been tagged as “Man’s best friend” since forever. They are our adorable pets that even sticks closer than a brother. So, it’s obvious you’re eager to find out reliable facts about dogs that would make you even love them better.

The more you know, the more you would appreciate and take care of these awesome companions. Let’s discover 10 reliable facts about dogs that are very intriguing.

1. Dogs can see better in the dark.

Have you ever noticed that your dog sees better than you in the dark? Yes, that’s very true. It’s a reliable fact that dogs have better eyesight at night than humans. Every dog has a distinct layer in the retina that reflects light.

This powerful light replicating retina enhances its ability to see at night. Wow! No wonder they are good for security.

2. Dogs are not really color-blind.

You must have heard that dogs are color blind, yea, I did too. However, from reliable facts gathered about dogs, it is evident that they are not blind in color.

Every dog can see colors but humans can see perfectly in colors than them. The exact measurement of the rate at which dogs can see colors would be in comparison to the level of colors we see at night.

3. Dogs Always Have Wet Noses to Help Perceive Smell.

The next time you see mucus on your dog’s nose, know for sure that it is used to perform a noble duty. The ability of the dog to decipher between good, bad and dangerous smell lies in the wetness of its nose.

No wonder dogs are used to track people and things through smell. Their highly sensitive sense of smell is as a result of their ability to lick the wet mucus on the nose to determine the kind of smell being perceived.

This makes dogs able to perceive, recognize and monitor any smell as far as possible. With this skill, they do well as excellent security tracking agents.

4. A year old Dog is as matured as a human.

Once a dog becomes one year old, it becomes matured like humans. Reliable facts gathered states that a 15 year old person and a one year old dog are the same. They both have the same level of maturity.

5. Dogs Curl-up to protect themselves while asleep.

A dog’s curling-up ability while sleeping is an inherited protective instinct trait that has been passed down from one generation to another since forever.

So, just let the dog be, it is keeping warm and protecting its body parts from harm while asleep. Truly the dog is vigilant.

6. Petting Your Dog Reduces Blood Pressure.

You can reduce your blood pressure by petting your dog. This is a reliable fact that every dog owner can relate with. It is very relaxing to pet and play with dogs – all stress and tension goes away without even realizing it.

Keep petting your dog to release piled up tension and normalize blood pressure while having fun.

7. City Dogs Live Longer Than Country Dogs.

Dogs that live in the city enjoys more longevity than their country side counterparts. Yea, they enjoy much more than just longevity. Surely the better your living standard the longer you live. This applies to dogs too, the ones in the city enjoy better food and luxurious life.

Reliably stating, a city dog has a longer lifespan of 3 years above country side dogs. That’s a small gap, but it’s a notable one.

8. Fastest Dogs in the World are Greyhounds.

Do you want a very fast dog? Then, go for a greyhound – they are the fastest in the world. These dogs can move as fast as 45 miles within an hour. A Greyhound would be a perfect race dog.

9. Dogs can be Obese.

Your dog is not free from obesity, so watch its food intake. Dogs needs to be feed healthy as well as humans. Overfeeding a dog can make it obese – be warned.

10. Dogs don’t keep track of time.

Dogs are not in any way aware of time. They somehow live in eternity, because they do not know what time is. So, you cannot tell your dog to carry out a particular task at a specific time. All they know is now.




Glory C. Livingstone

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